Series Rate: $100 | Drop-in Rate: $30
SUNDAYS || 1:30 - 2:45 PM
OCT 14 | NOV 11 | DEC 9 | JAN 13

QIGONG is a well-being practice that often involves: mindful movement and/or stationary postures; breathing techniques; self-massage; and mental focus. Qigong (often pronounced chee gung) means “energy cultivation practice”— and helps people to better produce and manage their overall energy and vitality! Originating thousands of years ago, Qigong is an Eastern practice that is similar to Yoga and Tai Chi in that it includes the importance of posture, breathing, and focused intention to promote better health. One of the most appealing qualities of Qigong is that it's easier to learn, and the positive effects can often be felt right away!

Benefits of Qigong practice may include: decreased pain and inflammation; improved energy; elevated mood; better sleep; improved digestion; deeper breathing; less stress; greater mobility and strength; better balance; increased bone density; more mental clarity; lower blood pressure; improved immune system; better metabolism; and an overall enhanced quality of life.

During this 4 session series, Dr. SAM will lead you to discover a simple practice that can transform stress and low energy into relaxation and more vitality. You will learn the important key of flow- for improving posture, breathing, and focus for better health. You will experience fun exercises that will help to: build physical balance and strength; calm and center the mind; and guide you towards more peace, love, and deeper connections. As Dr. SAM likes to say: “When Qi flows, Health glows!” 


As a physical therapist, speaker, and consultant specializing in rehabilitation and wellness transformation, Dr. SAM has empowered thousands of people to overcome various health challenges. With over 21 years of clinical experience, Dr. SAM has gained valuable insight on guiding and coaching others towards having a better quality of life. Dr. SAM’s mission for healthy living is said to be contagious! Samuel has a unique teaching style that utilizes useful frameworks, light humor, and key takeaways that creates lasting wellness transformation. Samuel will inspire you to improve your health, and teach you to value it as well. He is a Level 1 certified Qigong instructor.
To learn more about Dr. SAM and Qigong, visit his website.