Why We Do What We Do

Everyone has ups and downs in life and these glimpses into our lives are what make us who we are.  So often though we never take the time to slow down and truly connect with our inner being.

We never make time or have the tools to help us cultivate a better existence for ourselves.

I’ve too been in that place and realized that I needed a conduit to freedom.  So this is why LiveUrYoga was born!  We all have heard that if you do something you love then its not work…. Its living your life to its fullest and enjoying every moment.  Helping people find their “One thing”…. Is why I do what I do.  Because that “One thing” is what transforms lives, gives everyone the ability to grow positively and feel empowered enough to continue the process.

My life was completely transformed into exactly what I desired because of Yoga and Ayurveda, so let’s find your “One thing”!

Namaste –



  • Yoga – private sessions or group sessions including meditation
  • Ayurvedic-based wellness coaching
  • Retreats

Next Steps...

Call or stop in anytime to find out more. Or simply sign up for classes online. We look forward to supporting you on your personal yoga journey!