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November 1-15, 2018
Journey to the birthplace of yoga! This is the trip of a lifetime.

We arrive in Delhi on the 1st and head to Rishikesh−the birth place of yoga! The journey truly begins as we drive towards the Himalayas, taking in the countryside as we go and making stops along the way of our 6 hour drive. Once in Rishikesh, our residence is the Sattva Retreat Center, a beautiful oasis in the foothills of the mountains. We arrive early morning and spend the day getting settled in. Later that evening, we will enjoy a gentle practice to help ground us and a scrumptious vegetarian dinner.

Each day we begin with meditation and asana practice followed by a late breakfast.  After breakfast, we have free time and then reconvene later for wisdom circle with my teacher, Anand Mehortra of Sattva Yoga. Additionally, each day we will go on mini journeys visiting the different sites in the area, including the original Sivananda Ashram, Maharishi Mahesh Ashram (the Beatles' ashram), hiking to Kunjupuri (the divine mother temple), Vashista's Cave, and more. This is our daily schedule until the Sattva Summit begins. This is the 2nd annual summit where we will get guidance from Tommy Rosen, Gia Miller, Gurumukh, and Anand Mehortra, including Kirtan, daily practice, and more.

The retreat center also has an Ayurvedic spa where you can request time with an Ayurvedic practitioner plus experience numerous ayurvedic healing treatments (shyrodana, abhyanga, swedish massage, etc.).

As we make our return, we stop at the Taj Mahal for our last couple of days. Upon returning to Delhi, we spend time at the auspicious Akshardam Temple. We depart for the US early on the morning of November 15th.

Our pricing includes all in-country travel, accommodations, 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day, all activities (including the Sattva Summit). Airfare is not included. If assistance is needed to book your roundtrip flight to India, let us know−we will gladly assist you!

Price: $2,999 | $800 deposit due August 15