Forward Folds Do you absolutely love that moment in a yoga class when your teacher says, “Forward fold and gently grasp opposite elbows. Shaking our head no to let go of everything and then yes to all possibilities”? It’s one of my favorites as well because it’s such a fantastic feeling to take a break in the middle of a difficult sequence releasing the hips, hamstrings, calves, and cervical spine and resetting before the next asana. Are you curious why these feel so good or more importantly why these are so good for the body?  Here are some of my favorite benefits of forward foldsRead More →

Twists January being the month of transformation or change moves our focus into twists.  Twists are my favorite pose; I’m naturally drawn to them. Anatomically, twists are postures that generally involve moving the shoulder girdle to face in an opposing direction in relation to the hips. There are different twists that target the upper, middle and lower portions of the torso, all having their own unique set of health benefits which is why they should be included in our daily asana practice. Here are my top five reasons why you should practice yoga twists: 1| Improve Digestive Function When you are in a twist, you will be essentiallyRead More →